Artist Dimitrina Sevova has partnered with journalist Alain Kessi (Switzerland/Bulg) to premiere
'A Room of One's Own' with texts drawn from Virginia Woolf's famed essay under the same
title, as well as the super-cool .com world of which boasts 'smart writing on sex
and cutting edge glossy photography'.

The collaborative work of Dimitrina and Alain is an artfully layered interpretation, illuminating the inner
life and complexities of a creative woman split between her artistic internet career and cooking.

Indulge your sense of touch in the bedroom, join in for a clear veal soup in the kitchen and marvel at
the women's room on the net - all hand-designed to leave you speechless with eyes wide-open.

'A Room of One's Own' ' is ultimately an enclave of irony and vigilance, flesh aestetics and net.critique.
It advocates for the private creative space and the room of one's own with a Woolf's bravado and a
captivating glamour of a playgirl/playboy.

Iliana Nedkova ©2000