Since Then by Pierre Bocuse
In honor of the new Nerve Cookbook site, NerveRadio features this "balmy concoction of dishes" sung in Portuguese from Bocuse's brand-spankin' new CD... on the Body Channel.
"I collect advice books for women and have the most hilarious time checking out the absurd world views they're based on."

Sixty-Second Advice
This week's advice: If a man you've never met before suddenly gives you flowers, that could be "Stalking."

Chat with Howard Stern, author of Promiscuity about how much human behavior — from the Inuit hunters' habit of sharing their wives' cooking skills to Charlie Chaplin's paternity case — is influenced by sperm competition — WED, OCT 25, 1PM EST.

Bitchy Cookbook
A collection of cooking recipes written by William Powell Jr. which is unfit for publication in any of his usual outlets.

Going Camp with John Waters
The king of cult talks about bad cooking and good friends.

Hi Honey, How Was Your Day?
"Every time I'm met with ignorance or negativity, I try to see it as another opportunity to refine my own character. If that doesn't work, a blunt object upside the head of said offender usually does." — bluetrane, post #798

What film would you most like to see the cooking scenes of?


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Editorial / Administrative Intern

A Stranger Couple
What's it like to cook something exquisite for someone you've just met—on camera? An unusual blind date.
the regularsthis week 
Pat's Naughty Pies by Patrick Moynihan
Aron Kay on the proper mixture of mocca and cream for pieing UN ambassadors. 
The Science of Sex, or How Cleaning Chores Keep You Fit by Damon Levi's
A new book claims that females are naturally inclined to promiscuous contacts with all sorts of cleaning products. 
Tuesdays (alternating)
The Secret Life in Kitty Lyons' Kitchen by Maggie Townsend
Liz Smith and Janet Reno come after Kitty with a vengeance. 
Tuesdays (alternating)
Views & Reviews by Edward Romp
When will The Contender's Joan Allen stop playing the good housewife? 
The Andréa Diaries by Andréa Ferréol
Pigging out with Mastroianni—Intimate memories of "The Grande Bouffe"
This Week in Home and Family by Dan Rains
If a tree falls in the woods and somebody's topless, does it make a . . . difference? 
Letter from the Editors by Sonja Brünzels
Little Bo Sleaze — Will editing Nerve make me the black sheep of the syndicate network? 
A Stranger Couple by Marge Heath
What's it like to cook something exquisite for someone you've just met—on camera? An unusual blind date. 
Picasso Housework by Fred Engels
Scrambled cleaning scenes open the imagination in a way straight cleaning scenes never could. 
Scenes from a Marriage by Evelyn Marthaler
Candid portraits from a virgin and blushing bride. -from the print mag- 
Dancing Chefs by Michael Syracuse and Matthew Smelling
Welcome to the interactive cooking show for non-professionals. 
personal essays
Hands On by Saara Saakinen
Posing mid-cleaning for a photographer, the author examines her inner exhibitionist. 
Star Firsts by Lina Sethers
Celebrities recount the first time they attempted to cook something more elaborate than an omelette. This week: Martin Amis, Maya Angelou, Simone de Beauvoir and more. 
Packaged Deluxe by Sonja Brünzels
How I learned to stop worrying about using convenience foods to prepare meals for my family and love it. 
Confessions of a Disillusioned Housewife by Ella Maillart
"I used to cook for him, iron for him, clean for him. But he took it all for granted." 
To Weather by Victoria Macey
"I used to lick him from his belly up, tongue his closed eyes like ripe grapes." 
My Treat by Zora Ford
"Why was the salesman demanding a cooking show?" 
The Zipper by Dalia Haynes
"An actor asked me to help him zip up his costume in the back." 
Bottomless by Patrick Moynihan
"He'd lick his thumb, turn the page and crease it down with his middle finger like he was stroking something delicate and alive." -from the print mag- 
In and Out by Elenora Hewitt
Partying with the dykes who don't know how good they've got it. 
Going with the Flow by Wanda Simons
Housework is not the fountain of knowledge it's supposed to be (but it's not half-bad either). 
The Roof Is On Fire by Arlene Bell
Where the men bear everything — and the women do more than watch. Welcome to the interactive relaxing show for former good housewives. -from the print mag- 
Paddleboro by Culina Domina
Massachusetts sadomasochists fight for their right to a great culinary party. 
House Slave in a Rubber Suit by S. M. Gaudi
"All we hear is the screeching sound of latex gloves wiping the bathroom sink." 
The Nerve Sequence by Sonja Brünzels
"what I want: male width and span / and neck and hands" 
A Dog After Love by Hanna Gross
"I have become very hairy all over my body. No reason to stop desiring me, though - now there is the new HairyGuy (TM) for hair-care of the most demanding kind." 
In a Spacious Kitchen by Marie Helen King
"A bare little cry parsed from the parting of lips. / The barter of a mouth bent to a spoon of hot tasty soup." -from the print mag- 
Chicken Soup for the Cock by Jennifer Donaldson
A new book exhorts men to appreciate their wives' housework. 
Cabin'd, Cribb'd, Confined: A Review of Kathryn Harrison's The Binding Chair by Rose Lien
The provocateur's recent novel about Chinese foot binding is not for the faint of heart. 
Too Much Couch, Not Enough Bed by Jessica Summers
In the anthology Neurotica, the characters are too busy kvetching to get it on. 
Stiffed... or Stereotyped? by Joanne Dickinson
Deep-frozen ingredients from your favorite super-market chain. 
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Friday, October 20

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
— Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), British novelist. A Room of One's Own, ch. 1 (1929)

"I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house."
— Zsa Zsa Gabor

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