code flow - events

an exhibition project curated by Oliver Kielmayer, co-curated by Dimitrina Sevova

20 October - 2 December 2007

at Kunsthalle Winterthur, Winterthur

Accompanying program of lectures, screenings and discussions specially curated by Dimitrina Sevova

Program Details

Saturday, 24 November, 16h (4 pm)

Zombie-Lecture: bankleer (Karin Kasböck und Christoph Leitner, Berlin) (in German language)

Screening and Discussion: reale reste (short film, bankleer, 2006, 24 min)

Ca. 17h30 (5:30 pm), Screening: Maldorora and a Little Girl (short film, Maude Swift, 2000, 16mm transferred to DVD, 9 min 30’', in Englischer language)

Lecture and Discussion: Maude Swift (filmmaker and philosopher, London), Maldorora, or Dipping into the Modern Psychosis (in English language)

Ca. 18 Uhr 30, Screening: Dandy Dust (British-Austrian 90s avant-garde film, Hans Scheirl, 1998, 16 mm transferred to VHS, 94 min, in English language)

real remnants, 2006

video still

Saturday, 24 November, 16h (4 pm)

Zombie-Lecture: bankleer (Karin Kasböck und Christoph Leitner, Berlin; in German language)

In their video lecture bankleer will derive the notion of the zombie, show video excerpts from their works and make an attempt to interpret the boom of zombie films in relation to the ongoing deep identity crises and crises of the prevailing order. Subsequently we will screen their last zombie project in full length:

Screening and Discussion:
reale reste / real remnants
Directed by: bankleer
Video/Color/Sound (24 min.), Berlin 2006

A person on the flipside of neo-liberalism attempts to escape his surroundings and subsequently ends up in the realm of zombies, who in a Žižek-like manner find themselves in precisely the vacuum which corresponds with the present-day precarized and deregulated way of life. Following Giorgio Agamben’s theories on the state of emergency, the protagonists in bankleer’s video are in an unlegislated area, a zone of anomy, in which the relationship between privacy and the public sphere is dissolved, and all that remains is an inhumane intermediate stage of existence.

bankleer: Karin Kasböck (* 1969) and Christoph Leitner (* 1968) live and work in Berlin.
Since 1999 they've been working as the artists duo bankleer. Selected exhibitions: Niemand, Nichts, Nie, Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin 2007; workfiction, Kunstverein Wolfsburg 2007; no space is innocent, Forum Stadtpark / Steirischer Herbst Graz 2006; faites vos jeux, Shedhalle Zürich 2005; along the gates of the urban, oda projesi, Istanbul 2004; video//fronten, Hamburger Kunsthalle 2003; hey, international competition style, tent., Rotterdam. You will find further information at:

bankleer deal in their performances, videos and installative exhibition moments with the disproportionate forming power of capitalist processes that are accompanied with the economic attempts of containment and exclusion as a result of the neoliberal leveling of social conditions.

Maude Swift
Maldorora and a Little Girl, 2000

production still

Ca. 17h30 (5:30 pm), Screening: Maldorora and a Little Girl (short film, Maude Swift, 2000, 16mm transfered to DVD, 9 min 30’, in English language)

Maldorora and a Little Girl
Written and directed by Maude Swift
2000, 16 mm color, 9 min 30 s

Based on The Songs of Maldoror by Isidore Ducasse, The Count of Lautréamont, is this work of Surreal Misogyny and Blessed Imperium starring the Lunatic Luminary Lisa Hammer. If Mary Poppins possessed by Ayn Rand functioning under Extreme Psychosis, took a walk in Turn-of-the-Century Central Park and met a sweet little angelic girl, it would be a scene close to this short film from the Neurotic Bowels of Miss Swift.

Lecture and Discussion: Maude Swift (film maker and philosopher, London), Maldorora, or Dipping into the Modern Psychosis

Maude Swift will take Isidore Ducasse, Count of Lautréamont’s The Songs of Maldoror as a starting point for a closer look at today’s psychoses.

About Me:

I’m a doctoral candidate in Politics and Cultural Studies. Thrilling eh / My other jilted loves are Philosophy, Literature, Theology (although I'm not to keen to discuss it), Music, Painting and Film Making. I like teaching, discussing learning, thinking and criticizing. I love my cats. I love crafts. I love my friends. I love collaborating musically and artistically. I’m a broad who likes to live abroad. I don't feel comfortable anywhere, even though I feel most comfortable in NYC. London is fantastic, lots of things to see and to do on the cheap. Living in London is the first time I’ve ever lived so close to so many of my family members which is kinda weird and uncomfortable. I can’t spell very well, I’m a dyslexic academic in more ways than one.

Hans Scheirl
Dandy Dust, 1998

film still

Ca. 18h30 (6:30 pm), Screening:

Dandy Dust

(94’, 16mm, übertragen auf VHS, 1998), GB/A

Directed, written and edited by: Hans Scheirl

Cinematography: Jana Cipriani

Music: Yossarian, Emma EJ Doubell, Bent

with: Hans Scheirl, Suzie Krueger, Leonora Rogers-Wright, Tre Temperelli, Svar Simpson, Angela de Castro

Dandy Dust is a science fiction horror movie in which a hermaphrodite cyborg goes on a crusade against his monstrous family.

A split-personality cyborg of fluid gender is zooming through time in order to collect his/her/their "selves" in a struggle against a family obsessed with the family tree. On this science fiction trip through time, space and genders, said cyborg named Dust comes across the entire "dear family": the dubious twins whose secret is revealed only at the very end, the dusty mummy, the utterly noble Sir Sidore and especially "Supermother Cyniborg" who seems to be reigning over entire universes and especially over new gene technologies with her power-obsessed dictatorial affectation. The search for the self develops into a horror trip, passing comix landscapes and science fiction effects. Dust passes all tests and defies all dangers, only to find out in the end that a found identity is not the be-all and end-all either.

Hans Scheirl

“I have lived forty years as a woman, I might as well live the rest of my life as a man.”

Born 1956 as Angela Scheirl in Salzburg, 1975-80 studies in restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, graduated 1980. 1981-82 worked for a year as assistant for the weekly art + performance event “Wednesdays at A’s” in NYC. Lived and worked for 16 years in London. 2001-2003 postgraduate studies (Master of Arts) in fine arts at the Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London. Back in Vienna since 2005. Member of the artists / curators collective “auto”. Recipient of the Austrian state scholarship for fine arts in 2006. Hans Scheirl is a trans-... media artist focusing on painting/installation. He is (has been) also active in the following fields: film, video, drawing, performance, experimental music and text. His Super-8 and cinema movies (Rote Ohren fetzen durch Asche, Dandy Dust) were shown worldwide at movie theaters, museums and festivals.

The accompanying program of events is organized with the support of Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Zug, and the Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel Stiftung, Zürich.