code flow - events

Digitaler Dachstock #2

luncheon on the grass - postproduction by code flow

a project by code flow (Dimitrina & Alain)

curated by Martina Weber

17 August - 19 November 2006

at the Digitaler Dachstock of Haus für Kunst Uri

(the museum will be closed from 25 September to 20 October)


Online reviews of this project:

Digital Brainstorming Weblog: Wilhelm Tells digitale Reproduzierbarkeit (in German; by general stumm) Reproducibility of Wilhelm Tell, and a feminist exchange of roles (English translation; original in German; by Villő Huszai)


Online references to this project:

++ TRUFFLICIOUS WORLD ++ our world in bittersweet chocolate: Where is Manet? (blog, 2008-04-07; used to be at <> but has since disappeared; this points to our archive of the page)

See also the artists' statement by code flow.