In Growing up Amid the Historical Mysteries of Proximity

Pros & Cons of Being Neighbours


ITS-Z1, Ritopek, Belgrade

16 June - 21 July 2012. Opening on 16 June, 18h. |

Assaf Gruber

Assaf Gruber was born in 1980 in Jerusalem. He lives and works in Berlin, a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris. Assaf won the 2008 ‘Les amis des Beaux–arts’ Prize in Paris and is a Laureate of the HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Ghent). His work is included in a number of collections in Europe and has been shown in numerous venues in Buenos-Aires, New York, Paris, Dublin, Lyon, Berlin, Vienna, Istanbul, Tel-Aviv, Amsterdam, Verona, Dresden, Ghent and Sarajevo among other cities. During 2011 Gruber participated in the AIMS Residency in Saint-Ouen, a social project that aimed to connect children with the contemporary art culture. He is currently resident at the ‘Künstlerhaus Bethanien’ GmbH in Berlin.


Video, 5;24min, 2011

A moving image artwork that deals with the act of sculpting as an act of marking territories and
sacrificing: A father and son find themselves alone, naked and lost in the Golf Course of Caesarea, they seek for a sign, a revelation, an answer for an unknown inner conflict but nothing seems to appear.

Assaf Gruber, Binding, 2011
Assaf Gruber, Binding, 2011