code flow - events

a research and exhibition project curated by Katharina Schlieben and Sønke Gau, co-curated by code flow and a number of other collectives and individuals each presenting their own collaboration with another collective

featuring code flow's pavillion on their long-time collaboration with the Art Today Association

24 April - 15 May 2005

at Shedhalle, Zürich

code flow's pavillion
presenting their long-time collaboration with the

Art Today Association in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Photo: Nicola Nielsen / Shedhalle

code flow/Zurich invited as their collaboration partner the Art Today Association/Plovdiv

code flow is a collective engaging contemporary media art and theory through cultural practices that resist the market-driven orientation and the permanence of today’s institutions. To paraphrase Barthes, code flow is about making the codes dance rather than attempting to destroy them.

The Art Today Association grew out of the group Ryb (the Fringe) which was among the first in the mid-eighties in Bulgaria to break out, with their group actions, of the frame imposed by the socialist canon. The association has secured the Ancient Bath in the city of Plovdiv, an exceptional exhibition space, and established there its Center for Contemporary Art.

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Preloading the images and captions for the slide show.

excerpt from didibao, video piece by pauline boudry
investigating the origin of a fake "adidas" bag
installed on the right-hand-side monitor
at collaborative practices at shedhalle
produced in the context of communication front 2001
curated by code flow and organized by art today

code flow's presentation looked back at past collaborations, and announced a new project

after the successful collaboration on the communication front project (1999-2001) code flow (dimitrina sevova & alain kessi) are once again collaborating with art today on the new international media art and theory project critique of pure image - between fake and quotation, 07.10.-08.11.2005, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv.

a first draft, presented in shedhalle, for a poster
for the "fake" project in plovdiv later that year

Participating collectives and individuals in Collaborative Practices:

Cicero Egli/Geneva with Adla Isanovic/Sarajevo, Yves Degoyon/Barcelona, Marta Paz/Barcelona, Rama/Buenos Aires

code flow/Zurich with the Art Today Association/Plovdiv

Les Complices*/Zurich (Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth, Andrea Thal) with platforma 9,81/Zagreb

meate/Geneva (Paulo Alcântara, Nathalie Perrin, Stéphanie Prizreni) with Tester

version/Cluj (Mircea Cantor, Gabriela Vanga Cantor, Ciprian Muresan), invited by Shedhalle

one of two invitation postcards
designed by code flow for
"Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation",
blown up as a transparency on the code flow pavillion