Konsequenz - A multimedia discussion evening with code flow (Kopie 1)
04/07/05, 20:00

Presentation (in english)

A multimedia discussion evening with code flow, about "Cfront Ending", the telephone interviews from their newest book "KonsequenZ" and an outlook on their new upcoming media project "Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation". code flow is: Dimitrina Sevova, curator of Communication Front, media artist and theorist from Bulgaria; Alain Kessi, media activist, programmer and media theorist from Switzerland.

An international media art and theory platform closed down. Communication Front is ending. What kind of transformation has swept away the community of networked artists? The pragmatic use of channels of information seems to have doomed the East-West context in contemporary media art. We’d like to invite you to explore the topic and some possible answers with us, starting with materials from and around our newest book: "KonsequenZ".

The book grew out of a workshop we ran as part of the "Konsequenz" project curated by Frederikke Hansen in Shedhalle, Zurich in December 2002, taking up the ideas and expanding on them. What moral questions are posed by the redesign of the European map, and art going global?

How would you like the world to be? And you, yourself, how do you live? Do your personal values and actual behavior correspond? Does geography have a bearing on these questions? In telephone interviews (live from Shedhalle) with artists, theorists and activists involved in the East-West discussion we sought to find personal answers to these questions.

The last contribution in the book, "CFront Ending", takes us directly to the launch of our new "International Project for High and Low Technics in Contemporary Media Art" under the topic "Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation" in the Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria in collaboration with the Art Today Media Lab.