code flow - events

Digitaler Dachstock 2

luncheon on the grass - postproduction by code flow

a project by code flow (Dimitrina Sevova & Alain Kessi)

curated by Martina Weber

17 August - 17 November 2006

at the Digitaler Dachstock of Haus für Kunst Uri

(the museum will be closed from 25 September to 20 October)

Links to online works by code flow

whitmanYou will find more works by code flow, as well as documentation of projects we have been involved in, on our website at <>. For your convenience, we have compiled a few of the more important entry points into our site:

You may want to leaf through our e-texts and specifically our three online books:

CFront – Crossing Points East-West”,


and “Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation”.

We also propose to your attention our new code flow museum,

as well as an older work, “Exchanging Places”.

See also the curatorial statement by Martina Weber.

As well as the artists' statement by code flow.